Acute bronchitis is a contagious viral infection that causes inflammation of the bronchial tubes. These are the airways that carry air into your lungs. When these tubes get infected, they swell. Mucus (thick fluid) forms inside them. This narrows the airways, making it harder for you to breathe.

Essentials of Diagnosis:-

• Productive cough (mucoid to mucopurulent).
• Fever.
• Rhonchi and crepitation in the chest with occasional
• Absence of X-ray findings.


CHEST X-ray ,CBC,ESR ,CRP, CT CHEST (if required).


– Bed rest with complete prohibition of smoking.
-Hot drinks such as tea, coffee to help expectoration.
-Steam or tincture benzoin co-inhalation to relieve cough.
-If non-productive cough is exhausting then give Linctus codein one teaspoonful thrice daily.
-If cough is productive Ascoril Ls, Grillinctus ,Benadryl expectorant or Zeet expectorant 1 teaspoonful thrice daily.
-Antibiotics to be prescribed only in severe or complicated cases to prevent secondary infection and in children. Ampicillin or Amoxycillin 250-500 mg four times daily.
-Antipyretics (Dolo/Crocin) or analgesics to relieve fever and pain.

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