Essentials of Diagnosis:-

• Shallow ulcers with erythematous base, covered with pseudomembrane (greyish exudate).
• Often painful and usually recurrent.
• May be associated with inflammatory bowel disease,
prolonged fevers, infectious mononucleosis history of emotional stress.


-Avoid spices, tobacco, hot food.
-Bland diet.
-Good oral hygiene.
-Aqueous Chlorhexidine 0.2 per cent mouth wash.

-Efcorlin pellets (glaxo) allow pellet to dissolve in close proximity to ulcer 3-4 times daily.
Trimonalone 0.1 per cent in dental paste apply as
thin coating to ulcer thrice a day.
-Tetracycline or Mystecline capsule 250 mg, dissolve
one capsule in water and rinse mouth 3 times a
-Glycerine or Zytee for topical application.
-If pain tablet Paracetamol 1 tds.
-Patient to be reviewed within 3 weeks to ensure
healing has occured otherwise ulcer must be biopsied.

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