Essentials of Diagnosis:-

  1. Hard,enlarged,tenderliverwithorwithoutpalpable nodules.
  2. Symptoms of long-standing cirrhosis with sudden deterioration in the condition of the patient.
  3. Bloody ascites.
    • Anaemia, cachexia, hepatic bruit or friction rub. • Primary site of malignancy (stomach), colon or
    other parts of GI tract.
    • Alfa-foetoprotein positive in 50 per cent case of
    • Ultrasound and CT scan.
    • Liver scanning with 99mTc. Sulfur colloid and liver
    biopsy are confirmatory. Treatment:-
    -Cytotoxic drugs, irradiation or surgery have not proved effective.
    -When benign or malignant hepatic neoplasms are encountered in ladies taking oral contraceptives, discontinuation of contraceptives may cause regression of benign tumours (i.e. focal nodular hyperplasia).
    -Alcohol injection into tumour.

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