A condition in which small, bulging pouches develop in the digestive tract.It’s common in people over the age of 40.

Essentials of Diagnosis:-

• Intermittent cramping and left lower abdominal pain.
• Constipation or constipation alternating with diarrhoea.
• Tenderness in left lower quadrant.
• X-ray evidence of diverticula, thickened interhau-
stral folds, narrowed lumen on Barium enema.


Capsule Ampicillin 500 mg 6 hourly or capsule Tetracycline 500 mg 6 hourly.
– Clear liquid diet.

-If severe disease patient may be hospitalised with bowel rest IV fluids and antibiotics. Combination of Ampicillin and Aminoglycosides with additional amoebic coverage with Metronidazole or Clina- mycin is given.
-Surgery is indicated if patient does not respond to therapy or develop peritonitis.
-Recurrent diverticulitis may lead to stricture perfo- ration and can be an indication for elective hemicolectomy.

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