Sleep plays a huge role in both physical and mental health, yet research suggests that most Americans struggle to get the quality rest they need. This topic is often underrepresented in health and wellness blogs, causing readers to assume that nutrition and fitness are far more important.

The need for additional content about sleep hygiene presents an excellent opportunity for your website to stand out. Help readers get a better night’s sleep by highlighting the concerns and suggestions that dominate these 7 blog topics:

  • The link between sleep and weight loss: What you need to know
  • Struggling to give up your smartphone at night? X ways to ditch screens
  • Sleep hygiene with a newborn: Moving beyond “sleep when baby sleeps”
  • The relationship between caffeine and sleep quality
  • Is the eight hours of sleep rule a myth?
  • The best temperature for getting a solid night of sleep
  • How to finally switch your sleep position to end back pain



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