3 Ways in which weight training improves mental health


Weightlifting helps in building strength, endurance, stamina and balance but at the same time, it has a pyschology angle to it as well it can help elevate mental and emotional health. Just like compound movements have different muscles and joints to work in tandem, the combination of different movement patterns in a single motion ensures you end up forcing your brain to focus all its energy behind finishing the given task. Other than that, physical exercise also provokes positive changes in the concentration of multiple hormones, related to stress. Exercise provides a hoslitic environment for brain cells to grow by improving blood flow, While some exercises differ when it comes to men and women, weight training is recommended for both sexes since it has numerous benefits. Below are some of the psychological benefits of weight training.

1) Confidence Booster:-

In principle, weight lifting is totally functional and you perform movements that the bodies have been designed to perform. For someone, who doesn’t have any experience in weight lifting, it works as a CONFIDENCE BOOSTER to be able to to start lifting with the right form. With time and effort, you see yourself getting stronger, which definitely has a positive impact on the mind.

2) Improves Sleep:-

Strength training has been known to improve sleep quality significantly. Sleep helps muscle tissues to repair and good sleep, in general, is also associated with well being, productivity and happiness. Improper sleep cycle and duration increases levels of cortisol in the body a hormone generally associated with stress and fat gain. Sleep also controls t he release of hunger, controlling hormones such as Leptin and Ghrelin, which result in stress eating, a common disorder found in young adults today.

3) Sense of Happiness:-

When you exercise, your body releases a burst of happiness hormones called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body.


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