4 Basic home exercises every man should know and try.


When it comes to fitness it is assumed that one has to enroll at a gym. But that need to be the case every time. There are those when you don’t require heavy-duty gym equipments to fulfill your quota of workout. Fitness enthusiasts or not, every MAN needs to know the basic at home exercises. Those can be done at any time of the day and at any place. Let’s take look at the basic at home exercises that every man must learn how to do.


Literally, every body starts their exercising journey with push up being their very first exercise. Yes it’s tough to get your first error-free push up but once you do, reps keep on adding. Right from the chest, the back, the core, and even the legs, the push ups works everything. Getting better at push ups is a sure shot marker of getting stronger.




If something that screams real strength, it’s got to be the ability to crank out pull ups. One of the toughest , but an absolutely essential exercise to a build strong back and resislient grip strength. Can’t do a single pull up. You can get the best tutorial on the internet.



Now this one is looked at as a demon but it’s not. Okay, it is. But Burpees are one of the BEST exercises to get your heart rate up and get a sweat breaking. Start with doing 5 at one go and take it forth from there.


Nothing builds legs better than squats. To get under the bar, you first used to master per feet form and build basic posterior chain strength. And that’s done with basic body weight squats. Preferably the easiest to ‘watch and learn’ movement, you will find hundreds of tutorials that will teach you how to do bodyweight squats


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