Finding it difficult to accomodate your workout in your busy schedule? Here are tips to ensure you get maximum results from your workout in minimum time.

  1. CARDIO ON THE WAY:- If you live close enough, walk or jog to the gym to get to the cardio mode on the way or park your car some distance away from the gym. Increase the distance every couple of weeks. This will increase the difficulty to your conditioning improves. The time shouldn’t increase much, but t he speed at which you run, should.

2. PLAN YOUR DRILL:- If you exercise in the morning, the key is to plan your workout the previous night. But try and vary your schedule. For instance, start with warm-up exercises, followed to a 15 minute walk on the treadmill or ellipitical trainer and more on to weights. You could also mix cardio weight weights. Start with a few minutes of warm-up on a stationary bike or treadmill. Stop and perform sets of lunges or squats and abs curls. Hop back on the treadmill for two-minute cardio interval and continue alternating cardio an d weights until you’ve completed a full body-weight workout.

3. 10 OUT OF 30:- If you can’t devote half-an-hour day for your workout regime and for 10 minutes. Three minute sessions of treadmill exercise throughout the day are more effective than a single 30 minute session. Take off for a minute, walk to and from work. Then all you need to do is spare another 10 minutes at lunch and in the evening.

4. RAISE THE PATH:- Upping the incline on the treadmill even just a little, helps cut t he flab quickly. When you brisk walk for 30 minutes at no incline, you burn 143 calories. If you raise the incline from zero to five percent, you’ll burn 244 calories within the same time, raise it to 10 percent and burn even more than 343.

5. JUGGLE STUFF AROUND:- It is better to use that time to work a different muscle group instead. If you’re performing a set of chest presses on a fitness ball, put the dumbbells down, stay put on the ball and follow up within a set of crunches to keep your heart rate up. This increases your metabolism and keeps the intensity high so you don’t have to do as many sets as you had set out to do.


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