Ageing is inevitable! It is not uncommon to be faced with health challenges such as poor eyesight, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer, as one grows older. To override your genes that determine your life’s length is impossible. However, your old age will resonate when, what, and how much you eat is with a profound understanding of disease and disability.

CUT CALORIES:- Obesity will shrink your life. Put an end to Yo-Yo dieting and ward off excess weight and body fat by ensuring a consistent small calorie deficit each day, that will prolong life by decades. Eat fewer calories than required with high nutrient density to enhance your lifespan. Small frequent grazing with plenty of hydration helps ease the sluggish metabolism.

GO VEGETARIAN:- The shorter the shelf life of the food the better. It is for longevity. Embark upon vegetarian to axe ageing. Fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and greens are packed with phytonutrients that counteract red meat a nd saturated fats that up the risk of heart disease and possibility that of Dementia and Alzhemier’s.

Anti-ageing foods that steal the spotlight with their myried health benefits are:-

WHOLE GRAINS:- Oats (steel cut), millets, quinoa are worthy of mention with fiber in common. Brown rice is loaded with magnesium which is a stress buster and fiber that lowers cholesterol.

PROTEIN:- Egg is a powerhouse of nutrients packaged in a shell with Vitamin B 12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron and Omega 3. Tofu will also add years to your life, protecting against cancer and heart disease. Legumes, low fat dairy; walnuts, flax seed, sesame seeds and peanuts help maintain muscle tone while Kefir, yogurt and curd with live, active bacteria and calcium boost immunity.

FATS:- Choose Canola, Olive and Peanut oil that are congregrated as heart healthy MUFA;s.

ANTIOXIDANTS:- Flavonoids in dark chocolate, Lycopene in tomato, Quercetin and Sulphur in onions, catechins in green tea. Resveratrol in grapes, Allicin in garlic, Ascorbic acid in berries. Carotenoids in broccoli are anti-inflammatory with truckloads of antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals that speed up the process of degenerative diseases and cognitive impairment.

ACE:- Immune boosting stalwarts are Vitamin A, C, and E with Selenium and Zinc. Yellow orange produce, dark greens, milk, fish, eggs, amla, guava, kiwis, papaya, mango, pineapple, berries, almonds, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and peanuts shave off life threatening diseases and are mandatory in regular menus.

VITAMIN D:- Oily fish, fish, liver oil, egg yolk and mushrooms stimulate intensity and mental well being. Regular exposure to sunlight is absolutely crucial for healthy bones.

SAVOR HOME FOOD:- Fast fpods generally contain maida, transfats, saturated fats and are loaded with sugar and salt. Bingeing can jeopardise the benefits of simple homecooked food through the week.

BOOST BRAIN FUNCTION:- The oily fish with omega 3 — EPA and DHA (Salmon, Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel), Walnuts and Avocados, not only light heart ailments but also boost brain function. DHA makes up a large portion of the brain. Exercise also has positive influence on cognitive function.

INCREASE EXERCISE:- The more you move, the longer you will live! Cardio or aerobic exercise thwarts cardiovascular diseases by easing blood flow, lowering LDL, triglyceredies and lead to HDL increment. Weights and strength training will decelerate osteoporosis, thus preventing fractures and/or injuries.

GET SOCIAL:- Lack of friends and social isolation will lead to early death! Strong friendship and social support is the best antidote to ageing, leading to a longer life.

STEER AWAY FROM STRESS:- Stress manifests into several physical and emotional disorders. Chronic and unrelieved stress will hasten ageing that can double with smoking and alcohol consumption. A confidant, journal, gardening, yoga or meditation can effectively help to relax and calm down.

To rock the 100th birthday, embrace a balance of nourishing foods, adequate physical activity, rejuvenate from stress and indulge in adequate sleep that will impede the healing process. Small changes bring big benefits to add quality to longevity. Living long is MEANINGFUL, if you live strong, healthy and happy!


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