75 easy ways to increase your life are mentioned below. Follow these and increase your life by three to 10 years.


  1. Take coated asprin 75 mg, one per day. take clopidogrel asprin like substance is already present in salicyclate foods — blueberries, cherries, prunes, almond, apple, orange, pepper, tea, pineapple and ginger, This will prevent heart attack.
  2. Take fish oil 1000 mg, or cod liver oil. Alternative: Flax seed, walnut. This will prevent stroke. Regular use of fish oil will prevent sudden death syndrome.
  3. Crush a pod of garlic along with some food in the mouth and swallow. Do this twice a day along with the main meals. Garlic will protect you from cancer; but if cancer is already set in, garlic cannot cure it. At the same time avoid the following items which aid to produce cancer-metanyl yellow – kesari powder, aspartame, pike, polystyrene, Formaldehyde – a colorless flammable strong smelling gas released by burning wooed, natural gas, kerosene, cigarettes, and auto emission. Non iron sheets, shampoos, after shave, deodorants, contain formaldehyde, check before use. Avoid burnt food, roti, elastic bra, tobacco, cigarettes, passive smoke, excessive sugar, ghee, bottled food, packed food, preservative, coloring matter, emulisfier, stabilizer, flavor enhancer, MSG, trans fat and saturated fat. Take fish, red wine, and ground nut, for direct increase in longevity, this is due to reseveratol. Also, found in grapes, grape juice, and raspberries.
  4. Best of food — Spinach. However, calcium in spinach is found with oxalic acid. Only five percent is absorbed and the rest became kidney stones. Phytates present in spinach prevent from entering the blood. Add lime to reduce the effects of phytates. Still it is considered best of food. So take only a small quantity everyday.
  5. Best of drink – Green tea.
  6. Top 20 foods for longevity — Apple, orange, pomegranate, berries, tomato, peas, broccoli, onions, pumpkin, spinach, oats, soya, turkey, fish, garlic, honey, walnut, green tea, olive oil, and non-fat yogurt.
  7. Other foods for longevity — Pears, lemon, grape fruit, watermelon, papaya, guavas, green peas, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, potato, dark chocolates, brown rice, chicken, almond seeds, cashew and canola oil.
  8. Scientists have classified all foods under a single nutrient density. Spinach-too, green vegetables -97, fruits – 45, whole-grain nuts and seeds – 20, fish – 15, eggs – 11, full fat diary – 4, oil – 1, sugar -0 will now be easy for anyone to see the worth of what one eats.
  9. Longevity depends on hormone production take oats, corn, rice, ginger, tomato, banana, barley, cheese, spirulina, chicken, turkey, almond, peanut, milk, yogurt, niacin-rich foods, B 6, calcium, sunlight exposure, fasting, low-fat diet, 3-4 hours interval between meals, aerobic running, race walking, treadmill, weight lifting, and stationery cycling. Avoid beta blockers, prozac, caffeine, steroids, tobacco, alcohol and diabetes as far as possible.
  10. To check damage due to glycocylaliation and increase longevity. Keep fasting blood sugar between 80 and 100, and HBAC around 6-5.
  11. Free radicals being bodily functions to a halt, attack DNA and LDC to form plague and cancer. These are quenched by antioxidants. Produced by the body from foods, like meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onion, cabbage, spinach, green tea, potatoes, berries, plums, grapes, and raisins. It can also come via the vitamins A,C,E route. Antioxidants in ORAC units per 100 grams of some typical foods are given — Prunes – 3770, raisins – 2850, spinach – 1260 or 750, onion – 450, eggplant – 39. Recently introduced product tango steen gives 18675 ORAC units per 1000 g Rm.
  12. A healthy brain enhances longevity. Boosters are low-fat, low-calorie diet, vitamin C, B 5, fish, chicken, eggs, all beans, tea, brain exercise, chess, contract bridge, and memory games, busters are high blood pressure and blood sugar.
  13. The higher the immunity the higher the longevity. boosters are shark liver oil, vitamin B,C, E, beta carotene, zinc, selenium, carotinoids, flax, garlic, green tea, onion, berries, oranges, lemon, grape fruit, carrot, sweet potato, tomato, lettuce,spinach, dark green vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, apple, apricot, banana, oats, spirulina, walnut, soya, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, beet, chicken and turkey, busters are alcohol, junk food, cured meet trans fatty acid, sugar, and tobacco. However, there is a view that moderate use of alcohol does not interfere with immunity.
  14. Take vitamin C 500 mg 1-1-1
  15. Take vitamin E 200 mg 1-0-1
  16. Take multivitamin and mineral tab 1 per day (Supradyn or Becadexcamin).
  17. Take betacarotene in food only – carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato, and spinach.
  18. Take additional calcium 500 mg/d plus vitamin D 200 mg. This will prevent bone fracture due to a fall.
  19. For age over 80, take zinc 19-30 mg/d for improving immunity.
  20. Diabetics should take chrolium pic-alinate or tomato.
  21. In CHF, cases and when statin drug is regularly taken, take co-enzyme 150 mg/d. Also found in peanut, chicken, fish and soya.
  22. Check hemoglobin level. Men -13 to 16. Women – 11-13. If less, consult a doctor.
  23. Keep body temperature low. Make the best use of air-conditioners, cold water, ice, and umbrella.
  24. Keep BMI at 18 to 25 for Indian stock.
  25. Take low carbohydrates and low glycemic foods to keep insulin level low.
  26. Avoid fried food, butter and ghee.
  27. Use mouth wash daily at night before retiring. This will increase life by one year.
  28. Do moderate exercise appropriate to your age, health and fitness. Try to run one mile in eight minutes. This will increase by 1 1/2 years.
  29. Do flexing, weightlifting, special exercises for eye, neck, and back.
  30. Walking is the best exercise for the old age.
  31. Gardening – A rewarding exercise. Spend some time with flowering plants in the garden.
  32. Keep busy – The body is made on the “use it or lose it” principle.
  33. Do deep breathing as often as convenient.
  34. Take frequent rest, rest before you become tired. Scientists say that the heart works for nine hours in a day. It takes more rest than it works.
  35. Do periodical body massage, it relaxes muscles, removes stress, fatigue, and tiredness. It improves circulation, flow of oxygen and nutrients, tones up muscles, ligaments and speeds of lymph moment and lowers BP, edema and heart rate.
  36. Detoxification – Take 1/2 lemon in hot water first in the morning without sugar or salt. Fast for a day once a month on fruit juice.
  37. Avoid alcohol. One lakh people die in a year worldwide due to alcohol.
  38. Avoid or restrict caffeine.
  39. Avoid frequent eating. Eat less than 2000 calories/day. Allow three hours between veg meals and four hours between non veg meals.
  40. Avoid unpasteurized milk, improper storage, use beyond expiry date and mold growth.
  41. Wash hands frequently with antibacterial soap.
  42. Avoid crowded places including hospitals.
  43. Counteract stress by relaxation, yoga, medication, pranayama, prayer, faith, hope, courage, music, and aroma therapy.
  44. Replace aluminum and non stick cookware by stainless steel, glass and ceramic.
  45. Avoid plastic containers and bags. Replace synthetic towels and polyurethane foam by cotton.
  46. Cooked food should be eaten within three hours of cooking; otherwise reheat.
  47. Cooked food should not come in contact with plastic or aluminum.
  48. If possible eat in a silver plate and drink from a silver tumbler.
  49. Do acupressure for some time every day.
  50. Feeling of less than real age is conductive to greater longevity. Sit or stand before full size mirror and enjoy your figure.
  51. A frugal, miserable, struggling life is more conductive to longevity than a life of plenty, ease and luxury.
  52. Sleep for some time in the afternoon everyday.
  53. Live with a sense of purpose.
  54. A life with family and friends connection leads to greater longevity.
  55. Not chewing tobacco or smoking will save two years of your life.
  56. Not eating beef, hot dog, bacon, will save two years of your life.
  57. Eating butter, ghee, fried food will reduce your life by two years. Not eating them will increase your life by two years.
  58. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will increase your life by one year.
  59. Drinking alcohol regularly will reduce your life by two years. Moderate drinking of red wine will increase life by one year.
  60. More than two cups of coffee per day will reduce your life by one year.
  61. Drinking green tea everyday will increase life by one year.
  62. Regular bowel movement at least once in two days will increase life by one year, while the contary will reduce life by one year.
  63. Exposure to sun everyday will reduce life by one year.
  64. If there are rats, cockroaches, and other insects in your house, your life will be increased by one year.
  65. For BMI of 18 to 25 your life increases by one year. For BMI of less than 18 and between 23 to 29, life reduced by 1 1/2 years. For BMI 30-34 by 2 years for 35 to 40 by 34 years over 40 by five years.
  66. If more than two parents and four grandparents lived over 90 years, your life will be increased by five years. If both of your parents did not live beyond 75, your life will be reduced by two years.
  67. If you take vitamin E daily, your life increases by 1/2 year. Otherwise it is reduced by 1/2 year.
  68. If you take selenium daily, your life increases by 1/2 year. Otherwise it is reduced by 1/2 year.
  69. If you are diabetic, your life is reduced by one year.
  70. If you are a hypertension patient, your life is reduced by one year.
  71. If you take statin drug daily on medical advice, your life will be reduced by one year.
  72. If you can control stress successfully your life increases by 1 1/2 years. If not, it is reduced by 1 1/2 years. For living up to 100 years keep to following BMI – 18 to 25. Men – less than 35. Women less than 32.
  73. Resting BP – 120/80, 90/50. Total cholesterol -140-160
  74. Fasting blood sugar – 80 to 100.
  75. HBA1C – 6-5 or less.


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