All of us complain at one time or another. But, there are some people who complain regardless. Complaining is a way of life with them, they cannot stop cribbing, where ever they are, what ever they are doing, or what ever is happening to them, they keep on complaining! The traffic is too bad, the telephone lines are congested, the weather is too hot or too cold, people are rude or indifferent, servants are lazy and inefficient, the subordinates are insubordinate! Here’s more. Nobody understands me, nobody appreciates me, nobody knows what I’m going through, nobody cares, nobody helps.


Those who complain constantly do not wish to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Ask them why their goals are not accomplished, and they will come up with excuses. Their energy and intellect are so focused on finding fault that they cannot focus on achieving their goals. How tedious and futile their constant complaints are. They have effectively undermined their own power and efficiency, they retain control by constant complaining.

Let’s stop focusing on all that is wrong and focus instead on all that’s right, let’s stop cribbing about what we don’t have and look instead at what’s there for us, let’s take the time to appreciate people for what they are and what they can do, instead of focusing on their defects. When we complain and criticize constantly, we are inviting negativity into our lives. Each time, we offer something negative about life, we actually begin to believe more and more, and make it come true. Our imagined life become our reality. But the reverse is also true. When we believe things are good, they become better. When we visualize success and talk about all that is positive, success actually begins to take shape for us.  

When you thank God or another, your heart expands. This strengthens the immune system. Medical research indicates that positive emotions like love and gratitude enhances the immune system, the body’s shield against disease and illness. Our mental attitude has a direct bearing on the immune system. Positive feelings of gratitude and low-release endophins into the bloodstream, the body’s natural painkillers. They are said to stimulate dilation of blood vessels and relax the cardiac muscles. You become strong.  

However, negative emotions such as anger, grief, and bitterness dump high levels of adrenaline in the blood constricting blood to the heart, it slows down movement of white blood cells which fight disease.  

Gratitude release happy hormones and inhibits “unhappy hormones” in our system so we can live longer and healthier lives. When you focus on gratitude, you focus on all that is good and positive in your life that emanate from God. You connect with a spiritual dynamo.  

As a young man, Norman Vincent Peale had a difficult time coping with tough problems in his life. He took his problems in his life. He took his problems to a trusted friend, and asked “Why can’t I cope with these problems?”.  

The friend suggested “Maybe it’s because you are not grateful enough”. Peale was perplexed. What did he mean?  

The older friend explained the law of life focus on your troubles and they will multiply; count your blessings and your life will grow more and more joyous.  

“Become less of a complainer and more of a Thanksgiver. Then your problems will get managed.”

“In some unfathomable way” Peale writes, ” the acknowledgment of past blessings seems to be the activation of new blessings.”

So why not invite good things into your life?


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