Intestinal Amoebiasis

Essentials of Diagnosis:-

• Frequent passage of loose offensive stool, often mixed with blood and mucus.
• Abdominal cramps.
• Gaseous distention, vague abdominal pain often
with insomnia and depression.
• A sensation of incomplete clearance of bowel even
after frequent stool.
• Frequent stools with offensive gangrenous sloughs,
dark blood, pus, prostration and dehydration in ful-
minant cases.
• Constipation alternating with diarrhoea, tender pal-
pable descending and sigmoid colon in chronic cases.
• Haematophagous amoebas in stool are diagnostic, cysts in the stool are evidence of quiescent infection.
• Sigmoidoscopy shows flask shaped ulcers, raised button like ulcers or mouse eaten appearance.


– Tab Metrogyl 800 mg tds for 5 days (children 50 mg/kg/day in three divided doses).
orTinidazole 2 gm/day for 5 days. or

Tab Secnidazole 2 gm as single dose. or
Chronic Amoebiasis:-
-Tab Diloxamide Furoate 500 mg tds × 10 days. or
Tab Furamide 500 mg tds × 10 days. or
Dependal-M 1 tds × 10 days.

Diloxamide furoate 500 mg plus Metrogyl 400 mg
tds for 5 days
Tab Furamide 500 mg tds for 10 days.
-For abdominal pain Tab Buscopan or Capsule Spas-
moproxyvon bd or tds.
-In dehydration IV fluids may be given.
In amoebic hepatitis and liver abscess same treatment is to be given.


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