People with anemia look worn out and have less energy for activities because their hearts are working harder to pump red blood cells around their bodies.

Anemia is not a disease, so it’s easily treatable. Sometimes it’s triggered by other diseases. If you suspect you might be anemic, it’s really important to get in touch with a medical professional. A blood test easily confirms whether you have anemia or not.

Why you get anemia? If you lose a lot of blood or blood is being lost faster than new blood cells are being produced, you may become anemic. Women are more likely to develop anemia due to heavy menstruation, pregnancy or from bleeding after giving birth. Blood loss from trauma, surgery or internal bleeding caused by ulcers or other digestive disorders can also cause it.

Types of anemia There are several different kinds of anemia. The most common one is iron deficiency anemia. You have low levels of iron or are unable to absorb iron easily. Other nutritional deficiencies cause anemia such as vitamin B12 deficiency anemia or folic acid deficiency anemia. In rare cases, it is caused by inherited blood diseases such as sickle cell anemia, Aplastic anemia or Thalassaemia.

Home remedies

Iron pills: Iron pills or you can buy supplements over the counter at a pharmacy. If one ingests too much iron, it can be toxic and it is recommended you consult your doctor regarding the correct dosage for your age and weight.

Vitamin C: This super vitamin helps iron absorption. Vitamin C is found in many of nature’s colorful fruits and vegetables and is particularly rich in oranges, strawberries, pomegranates or dates.

Iron-rich food options: Iron can also be obtained through your regular diet. Oysters, fish, chicken liver, beets, lentils and beans. Spinach or other leafy green vegetables. Dried fruits such as raisins, currants and prunes. The good news is that not only are these foods delicious but they are also known for stimulating hemoglobin production. Start your day off by combining bananas, honey and almonds in oatmeal or with muesli for a nutritious breakfast.






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