It’s easy to allow life to get us down. We’ve got responsibilities — bills, jobs, kids, and so forth. In the midst of life’s stresses. It’s all too easy to think about yourself and forget other’s needs. Take time out for the little things which can make someone smile.

Smiles are the soul’s kisses that came from an interior peace from the joy of a beautiful heart. It is the one thing that makes every single person look beautiful and knowing all that , what can be better than starting your day with a smile on your lips? A real smile comes from a happy soul. Spread the joy by being the reason for someone’s smile.

Surprise someone with a little kindness:- Surprise someone with a random kind act. A positive attitude can have a domino effect and the results are beautiful. The world is inherently negative and it’s hard to pull ourselves out of stress alone. So surprise people with their favorite items or buying a gift that you know is guaranteed to make smile. However, we are all in it together and kindness always comes full circle.

Give a heartfelt compliment:- Compliments are very powerful and can help make someone else’s day. Nothing makes people smile like heartfelt and encouraging compliments. Even the shy ones amongst us love to hear a warm commendation about themselves. The act of giving compliments creates a virtuous circle. Telling someone that they have made a positive impact on your life, or that you admired the way they handled a situation, is a powerful gift.

Give a smile to someone:- A simple simple when passing someone on the street, a written note to someone having a rough day, a really long hug with your best friend, or a good luck text for someone about to take a test are just a few easy ways to spread joy to those around you.

Try to be there for others:- Fill your heart with so much love that it flows into the lives of others. Reach out to people and be the light that this world so desperately needs. When someone really needs you and be there for them when ever you can. Smiling is something that can allow one to have more influence and a greater impact in other’s company and how we are perceived by others. Smiling, allows us to feel good and this is another reason why it is good to smile. This shows that smiling also improves our wellbeing.


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