Human life is made up of several colors. Our relations add pleasant hues to it. Our relatives support us when we are in trouble. Human life is supported by different relationships each with a specific, support role. In the olden days, these relations were precious like gold. With the advancement of time and breaking of joint families, they are now diluted. Day-by day people are limited to self-interest and do not give due weight age to these relationships.

Here is an emotional story of a 16 year old girl who lived with her mother in a city. Her father was in service away from the town; hence the mother was very caring towards the daughter. She wanted her daughter to be well educated and successful. She always encouraged her daughter to score not only first class but to achieve merit. The girl was fed up with the extra care. She studied well, wrote her examinations and waited for her mark sheet. She went to school to obtain the result while her mother went to office. Mother tried to contact her on the phone but there were no reply. She became worried and came home during lunch time. She found a note on her daughter’s table. She started reading with a depressed heart.

“My dear mother, I am leaving your house and am going to join my boyfriend. He is stylish, a good talker, and handsome. And I have a surprise for you dear mother, you are going to be a grandmother soon, I have joined his house located in a slum. They have very effective social system and enjoy their life in freestyle. They do not follow any restriction. I am 18 years old, an adult and know what is wrong and what is right. Lots of love”.

The next page had “Mother, it is all a joke. Relax please. I am sitting with my classmates in the neighbor’s home. Please go through my mark sheet — it isn’t first class but it is not that bad either. Many of my friends have not obtained such marks. You encouraged me and I have not obtained such marks. You encouraged me and I tried my best. I hope you will be satisfied with the real thing.” Mother was then weeping. Tears of love and affection made her relaxed and in the meantime the girl arrived.

Life is too short to be little. Learning to FORGIVE and FORGET is the biggest lesson to learn for us human beings. When we fail to do that, life never forgives us and we learn by facing fearful people and untold misery. Simple humility and communication helps to resolve most of today’s problems faced by many of us. We all should consciously start to live a free of grudge. People please let’s live a life devoid of grudge. Communication is the key to a better life.


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