Most of us think of wealth in terms of one thing — money. Sure, it is probably the form of wealth that most people recognize the easiest and want the most. But is it, why?

Let’s test your concept of wealth, which would you rather have: Crores in your bank account and an aggressive cancer with 6 months to live or not much money but the options of a long healthy life? It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

What this easy question suggests is that there are at least six types of wealth. When you consider them, you might find that you’re wealthier than you realize! So discover how wealthy you really are.

  1. Physical wealth:- The first form of wealth is your physical health. If you can’t get out of bed, it is not much fun having crores and not being able to enjoy them. If you want to become truly wealthy, go for physical wealth first as that will give you the means to start acquiring other forms of wealth.

2. Relational wealth:- We weren’t meant to live in the forests alone. That’s why we’re lonely when we are disconnected from family, friends and society. Again, money means very little when you have no-one special to share it with. Strive to build up your relational wealth and you will never be lonely.

3. Spiritual wealth:- This refers to your values and the development of your spirit — the essence of who you are – through prayer or meditation. Many people focus on external (material) wealth and never discover internal wealth. They consequently never discover who they really are. When you find yourself, you find the wealth that was put into you for success in this life.

4. Meaning wealth:- This wealth is built by discovering and developing you reason for being on the planet. This is the only way your life will truly have any meaning. At the end of your life, if you feel your life has had no purpose, you will feel deep regret that your life has been of no value.

5. Memories wealth:- Everybody has memories, but not everybody has happy memories — of their childhood, of their partners, of their careers. This is the one wealth you cannot build at the end of your life. When you live for others now, you will build a wealth of happy memories that will make you a wealthy person as you age.

6. Financial wealth:- This wealth is the easiest to spot, but not necessarily the easiest to acquire. There is no get rich scheme that is really sustainable. Set yourself financial goals then work toward achieving them and you will be able to build wealth in this area. Do kindly carry out a deep introspection and discover how much more wealth possess. Therefore, as you build your career and your life, don’t chase financial wealth only. Make sure you build wealth in the other areas and you will be a wealthy person!


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