When it comes to the world of exercise, no debate is as contentions as cardio vs strength training. While some people will endure hour long slogs on the treadmill, others choose to lift heavy weights. As for which from of training to superior, there is no clear winner as this depends on your fitness goals and basic preferences. However, despite claims that strength training burns more calories than its cardio counterpart. A new study has revealed that cardio training may offer more benefits in forms of metabolism.

Men were divided into two groups, completing either strength or weight training once a week. Those doing cardio training once a week. Those doing cardio completed their exercise on a bicycle while those doing strength training did a weights based program consisting of two exercises, each of which had to be repeated 10 times, designed to work each of major muscle groups like the chest, biceps, triceps and quads. Those who had been cycling experienced a significant increase in the production of the hormone FOF21, which offers numerous positive effects on one’s metabolism, the process by which our body converts food into energy.

Boosting one’s metabolic rate can be beneficial because the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn at rest, which promotes weight loss. Those who trained on the exercise bike had three times as large as increase in FOF21 production compared to those who did strength training, who experienced no particular changed with regards to production of that particular hormone.

Cardio helps in building strength and stamina for everyone. So its important to do cardio three times a week and other days weightlifting four times a week.


So have good cardio along with strength training in the gym!!!! Do not overdo the workouts….. Remember to have a good rest before workout.


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