Chicken soup as Medicine Bomb benefit in illness(soul food or myth)- for the Indian palate


Chicken soup or soup has been one of the first food items that is made for a sick Indian in the Indian Kitchen. How many of us have had a hot bowl of soup forced down our throat when we are sick ? The trend of homemade chicken soups was dying before Corona stuck the world but packaged or restaurant ordered soup never really had died down. Come corona and people often sick people congregated at home together trying new recipes in their lockdown time, and homemade chicken soup came back into use for fever, corona and for every illness.

When you’re unwell, it’s critical to consume a well-balanced diet that includes the proper amounts of all nutrients. Especially if you’re sick with a fever. When you have a fever, your immune system is already compromised, so you’ll need to eat a diet rich in critical nutrients that won’t irritate your stomach while also helping to protect your body. People have a general aversion to eating chicken at times like these. If you’re unwell or have a fever, keep reading to find out if you can eat chicken. During a fever, chicken is consumed. When you have a fever, it is totally okay to consume chicken. The most crucial thing to remember is the shape of the chicken you’re cooking.

Go for the good stuff

It is a good idea to stay away from canned chicken soups which are usually very sodium heavy and not as nutrient-dense as homemade chicken soup. So take the time to whip up some chicken soup at home when your kid or spouse is not feeling too well. Add spices and herbs like garlic ,turmeric,cayenne pepper ,black pepper and parsley for additional nutrients, antioxidants, immunity boosters and flavor.



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