Did you know that having a dog around while growing up boosts a child’s self-esteem and social skills, apart from making them more co-operative as grown-ups? Dog trainers say the best way to have a family friendly dog is to ensure it’s a breed that considers every human member of the family as its pack leader. Here are the breeds most suitable for the city.

BEAGLE:- Think of a Beagle and the first association that comes up is the witty Snoopy from the cartoon strip, Peanuts. However, Beagles are far more sincere and equally entertaining. This short-haired hound loves living with a family and gets involved in the day-to-day things that constitute a household routine. Watch him follow your little ones around the house and at the same, keep an eye on them. All he needs is gentle training from the parent since he’s naturally curious and has a larger than life image of himself.

MUTT:- Consider adopting a rescued mixed breed and you’ll be making a wise decision. Not only will you be taking a homeless puppy off the mean streets — or worse, the pound — you’ll also bag yourself a pet who has better immunity than any store-bought pure breed and has lower chances of falling prey to illnesses. Mutts are lovable balls of energy, grateful at being loved and ever-ready to adapt to any situation.

COCKER SPANIEL:- Although it comes from a hunting background, the Cocker Spaniel is one of the cuddliest dogs on the planet. He is a blend of a tough hunting dog a nd a kind house dog. Cocker Spaniels will keep your kids on their toes. They love playing with toys and being around people and are usually the center of attention. They are fast learners and obedient students as they easily trust owners.

IRISH SETTER:- A better choice for families with yards because of their energy. Irish Setters are great with children, as they’re playful and energetic. One warning, though — their lifespans are among the shortest for larger breeds so you should only choose. If you want to teach those inevitable life lessons while your children are in middle school.

BULLDOG:- Slow and sturdy wins the race for the lumbering Bulldog. He’s perfect for small families with kids. It’s a dignified dog breed, so expect an even temper and agreeable habits. bulldogs forge strong bonds with kids because of their naturally protective yet gentle nature.

PUG:- This toy breed zoomed to the top of the city’s favorite pet list a few years ago, thanks to an ad campaign series that displayed his affectionate and caring attitude towards kids. Don’t go by his size. The Pug packs tonnes of personality in a tiny frame. Easygoing and playful, they are best for households with quiet, sensible children who don’t treat the Pug like a plaything.

LABRADOR RETRIEVER:- If you have a swimming pool and active kids, you’d be a fool not to consider the Lab. The water-loving Labrador Retriever will get back anything you throw in the water. They come in black, chocolate and yellow colors, all equally friendly towards kids. They do well in a house with kids since they crave playtime and exercise, especially with respectful human beings.

GOLDEN RETRIEVER:- With a long, shiny coat and a bright smile, the Golden Retriever is a sporting dog. An average hound would weigh between 25-30 kg and could come in any shade of golden — dark to light. For a Golden Retriever, there is no such thing as a stranger. They make fast friends with every youngster and are forever ready to play — a game of catch, swimming in the sea, hiking or bouncing around the grass.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD:- Active and intelligent, the Australian Shepherd is a people’s dog. Happy travelers, they will gladly join your kids in playing ball, trips to the beach and run through around the backyard. The Aussie is a wonderful and gentle companion for kids, teaching them respect and good manners in his own quiet way.

BOXER:- Handsome as they come. Boxers are immensely loyal and carry themselves with a certain amount of dignity even when they’ve been up to mischief! Boxers are known for high levels of energy. Spend time teaching your Boxer how to be around people, and he will jump at the opportunity of acting silly with your tweens and teenagers. Gentle though he is, his heavy built might come in the way when he’s interacting with tiny tots.


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