Choosing toothpaste and mouthwash


The best way to get the right product for your teeth is by asking your dentist. Since they have a better understanding of current oral hygiene.

Use toothpaste that has fluoride, the best defense against decay. Here’s an analysis of some of the claims made by toothpaste and mouth-rinsing products:
• Plaque control
Some products claim to remove plaque or kill bacteria that
can cause plaque. But all toothpastes remove some plaque if you brush and floss well.
• Tartar control
Anti-tartar pastes can help prevent a buildup of tartar, but no toothpaste can remove tartar — that takes a professional cleaning. In addition, an anti-tartar paste may increase your teeth’s sensitivity to cold.
• Desensitizing pastes
These products contain chemicals that block pain perception
in your teeth. Sensitive teeth may be a sign, however, of a problem that needs treatment, not cover up.
• Baking soda pastes
Baking soda is a mild abrasive and stain remover, but when wet it loses some of its stain-removing power.
• Extra whiteners
Some of these toothpastes contain strong abrasives that may be harsh on delicate gum tissue.
• Mouthwashes
If certified by the American Dental Association as plaque fighters, these products can complement dental care by protecting surfaces you may have missed when brushing and flossing.


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