Most of us want to be liked and appreciated by others, and many of us are, Here are the suggestions on which you should work:

  1. Go out of your way to make yourself likeable:- It means you to try to make other people see what a favorable impression you are receiving of them. IT comes from an attitude of mind in which you attempt to assess their good points and are willing to think the best of them, until you have good reason to think the contrary. If you approach people in an expectancy of liking them, it is more than probable that the liking will prove mutual.

2.      Learn to be good listener:-  By listening, you tend to encourage another self-expression, and by intelligent comment, you increase his self-confidence.

3.  Be sure of your Introduction:-  When you are introduced to someone for the first time, make sure that you get the name right, and use it in your conversations. Respect titles and proper modes of addresses. These things are important if people are to get good first impressions of you.

4.  Encourage the other person, to talk about himself/herself:-  But don’t pry into personal matters. People’s privacy should be respected, for prying into personal affairs is usually resented. Choose topics of common ground — the weather, circumstances, under which you meet. mutual friends or interest — and talk in complimentary terms,not critical, at least acquaintanceship develops.

5. Compliment the other person on qualities you admire:-  You set up a sense of enchancment in him, and gratitude, without in any way depreciating your own value.

6.  Don’t be afraid to give another best “some of the time :- In such social matters as an argument, bridge game, etc, it does not pay to be too eager to win all the time. Winning doesn’t make people like you any better.

7. Cultivate the art of making feel at ease in your company:- Anyone who helps another generally feels that his importance has thereby increased, and he becomes friendly disposed.



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