Diary of a Certified Gym Trainer


A gym trainer has to be sensitive to other people’s needs of their exercise workouts. And it is rule of the gym trainer to explain the method of the techinque of the exercise workout of how it is done. And one has to be patient with the client as ALWAYS*. One cannot simply ignore the client. For example if other trainers are absent from work or not well, it is GOOD MANNERS to step up to the client and ask “Mam/Sir, may I help you? Just ask the client who was the trainer teaching exercises? And ask for the exercise written down chart? Then ask about the medical history first before giving out the exercise workouts so that in a way that the gym trainer knows about the client’s background. Simply giving out exercises is not really enough and it is a MUST to know about the health history of the client as a RULE.

Second point is that when you start off a new gym career, it is always advisable to charge LESS to the client and make more friendly with the client and trainer. Never look to make more money, because then customers are then interested in knowing more about gym trainers more than money. Once the clients are comfortable with the gym trainer, then later on decide the training fees. But first of important concentrate on focusing on doing your best explaining the exercise workouts and make sure the client does the exercise properly.

When you charge LESS, then more customers will want to be more trained and not by anybody else. And a gym trainer has to always ask how much sleep the client is getting? As for sleep it is most important of all because sleep is associated with weight loss. When we sleep early, we need mininum 7-8 hours to burn off our calories when we are sleeping. If we sleep less than 8 hours, how is it going to help us in weight loss?

Third point is that we gym trainers have to be soft hearted and kind towards other people around us. And if they ask us questions, we should have answers ready to stand by. We can’t tell them “I don’t know” — This shows some attitude or being snobbish. So never say “I don’t know”. Before you say “I don’t know” to others when they ask you a question. Just ask yourself if you would have liked it if they tell you back “I don’t know”? How will you feel?

Fourth point is if a client does not know how to use the treadmill or cross trainer or other equipments, show them the right method of how to use it correctly. It is normal for a client to make mistakes because it is the first time. As the time goes by, it will get better and better. But it is your duty as a gym trainer to be PATIENT and show them the correct method.

Fifth point is that Gym Trainers are NOT ALLOWED to train partially whatever they like to, this is not completely done and not the way to work in a proper gym. Gym Trainers has to teach both men and women equally. NO PARTIAL is allowed in the gym work culture. And it has to be professional.

To all of you, I am sharing what I feel as a gym trainer myself. Inside the gym I saw one girl doing kettlebag side bend, and I was sitting doing my machine fly exercise workout and I got up and went to her and patiently showed her the correct method in how to do the kettlebag side bend. Poor girl was standing there with no trainer and I got so so so so angry and feel like giving nice two slaps but start to think in my mind that what kind of the work atomsphere is.. Work atomsphere needs to be changed and needs to be organized in a systematic manner.

I think that I have shared all this now what I feel as a gym trainer.


Happy Reading… (This is from my own thinking… )


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