Embrace the Moment of Calm.


Practicing forgiveness is not only the right way to live. It is also the healthy way to live. Medical experts tell that anger accelerates the ageing process. Anger is indeed a very natural human reaction — and it is a mature emotion when we don’t allow it to last very long, and when it does not hurt anyone. But if we let anger remain to the heart, it ceases to be mature and natural — it festers into a grudge. When we refuse to forgive people, we are letting grudge control our life.

Anger held in the heart gnaws us from the inside, wears us down, operating like toxic waste that has seeped into our system. This leas us to a state of permanent stress. And we either take fight or flight. When we are nursing a grudge constantly, we get into this primitive ‘fight or flight “situation. We are in a continuous state that it prompts us to either attack — give vent to our anger — or escape from an unbearable situation. Our nerves could get damaged with this. Our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual energies are so stressed that we slip into overall lethargy. This accelerates the ageing process. In this sense anger is the extreme opposite of what was called the fountain of youth. One therapist calls it “The Tub of Ageing.” 

External events like a traffic holdup, a child’s stubborn in behavior, the harsh temper of a superior, or a quarrel with your spouse, can have adverse impact on your immune system. Stress causes insomnia — and so can bitterness. A relationship between unresolved anger and cardiac arrest. The cancer of bitterness destroys both body and soul.

Resentment, unforgiveness, hoslity, guilt, anger and enmity cause diseases related to to heart, lungs, chest, stomach, intestines, ear, nose, and throat.

Forgiveness set us free. It allows us to be fixed from the grieveous, penalties and shackles of past mistakes. It heals the one who forgives — and the one who is forgiven.


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