Following your doctor’s advice


To get 100 percent benefit, make sure you understand and can
use your doctor’s advice when you get home.
• Ask for written instructions
Have your doctor list the main points as you discuss them. Or request brochures or other published information.

• Know your prescription
Ask why this drug is best. Find out what you can expect from it, including side effects and how to take it correctly.
• Expect explanations
Be sure you know why a test is ordered, what it will involve, what the risks are, and how and when you’ll learn results.
• Repeat what you hear
This process allows your doctor to identify any instructions that aren’t clear.
• Solve problems together
If you don’t think it’s realistic to follow your doctor’s recommendations, speak up. For example, financial restraints might keep you from buying a certain medication. If you tell your doctor, he or she may know of a less expensive generic medication that will work just as well.


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