Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of love and one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and others.

Sometimes when you are wronged and the initial wave of emotion has passed, you’re presented with a new challenge. Do you forgive the person? By forgiving, you let go of your grievances and judgments and allow yourself to heal. While this may sound good in theory, in practice forgiveness can sometimes feel impossible.

Forgiveness is the most important and probably final step in our healing process. When we let go of our painful past, we make way for a bright and hopeful present and future. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions align with our newly freed state of being and we become happier, healthier, and more positive. We can’t control what other people do. they’re living their lives the best way they know how. We can only control how we react to them. In doing so, we either to empower or forbid ourselves with our reactions.

Grief, sadness, and anger are all normal emotions. They help to understand the world around us and build our emotional intelligence and at certain points in our lives, we will express these feelings and doing so is healthy too. However, these emotions create hurdles for our well being so they must be forgotten by forgiving ourselves and others.

Whatever the case, learning how to handle forgiveness is critical to your success. Forgiveness is about letting go. Unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. Forgiveness frees up energy to focus on more important matters. It’s best to acknowledge the reality of what happened, without sugarcoating it or embellishing it in your mind. Make sure that you are humble and admit your own shortcomings as well. Forgiveness is harder to grant for people who are not aware of their mistakes.

By forgiving, you are accepting the reality and finding a way to live with it. This can be a gradual process and it doesn’t have to include the person you are forgiving. Forgiveness isn’t something you do for the person who wronged you, it’s something you do for yourself.


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