Generation next: children of a lesser parent


A Wealthy businessman arrived  home as usual at 11 pm. The excuse was different each night — unfinished work at the office, a meeting with a customer, an important social function or event, “Dad”, said his son one night, “How much money do you earn per hour?” About      $100. Why?” came the reply.  His son pulled $200 out of his own pocket and placed it in his father’s hand. “Will you give ,e an hour of your time?” he asked.


In today’s age of minute-to-minute planning, deadlines, commitments and last-minute alterations, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to find time for their children – to go out together for a stroll, picnic or shopping. What once used to be home as now turned into a hotel where members of the family come together to sleep. Isolated through conflicting schedules, sometimes family members don’t see each other for days. Parents arrive home long after their young children are asleep and children leave for school long before their parents are awake! Such a situation is potentially disastrous for both parents and children. Parents miss the joys of playing with their own children and watching them grow up. Children miss the joy of another’s cuddle and a father’s playful pranks. Worse; the c hild fails to receive moral and ethical guidance which cannot be taught effective elsewhere. After all, one mother can do more than one hundred good teachers.

Children have implicit faith in their mother. She’s the one who gives them everything — food, clothes, toys and protection from bullies. This is why children will believe almost anything their mother tells them, with love and affection. And when they see their parents practising what they preach, the messages goes straight to the deepest recess of their souls where it remains embedded for the rest of their lives. They never forget those teachings. Children, in fact, tend to distrust a message taught by someone relatively unknown.

No one can replace parents . They are the greatest teachers ever created. Nurturing is what they do best. No nanny, nurse or day-keeper can replace them. Blood is always thicker than water. So it is crucial that parents realize their indispensability not only as providers for their children, but as moral teachers and instructors. For that, parents first have to be visible. If they aren’t, their child’s impressionable minds will be indelibly stained and tarnished by what is visible: sex and violence on television; smoking and drugs in the alley; loitering and trauncy at school.

Besides, the principle of ‘out of sight out of mind’ is always at work. If they can’t see you, you don’t even exist. Sporadic appearance on your part merely give you sporadic existence. All the child has to do is wait for you to disappear again. Then he or she can go back to sleep, to the TV or worse.  By age 16, the average child has watched 15,000 hours of TV and 15,000 violent scenes and 250,000 deaths! And surveys in the US have revealed that children from one-parent families are more prone to committing delinquent crimes. Is it any wonder?

Children need both parents to receive a healthy, balanced upbringing. The lack of even one parent, for any reason — work timings, divorce or death — has an extremely adverse impact on its upbringing. Adolf Hitler is a prime example of a thoroughly debased child that sprung from a one-parent family.

Parents are the bows that send forth their children as arrows into society. Give your children direction, momentum, and most importantly, meaning. Most people today have the means to live for. Meaning gives life’s purpose and a sense of moral duty. It creates better human beings.

There is only one beautiful child in this world. And every parent has it! Adjust your busy schedules. Reserve time for your children. If you are the only parent looking after your children, try to spend more time with them. Love them. Feed them. Teach them. And try to give them a spiritual outlook on life. IF YOU DON’T, WHO WILL??


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