If we have friends around us we are happy, if we are surrounded by enemies our chances of success and happiness are ruined. To get along in life, we MUST get along with people.

If we decide to be sycophants and agree to everything anyone says, then there is no problem. But if we want to hold our convictions and not be “Yes – You” then problems do arise. Yet these problems are not so grave that they can’t be overcome.

The SECRET of getting along with people lies in TWO things.

The FIRST is that how well we can get along with people, whether we agree with them or not. The first thing we must realize is that no argument can be settled if one or both parties blow up. This results in BITTERNESS and STRAINED RELATIONSHIPS. Our arguments should be calm, reasonable and logical. We should not act as though we know all. There is no harm, in adding “as far as I know” when we voice our opinions. This will show that our opinions are based upon our experience. The opponent will appreciate this. We should not give a positive assertion. The attitude, “I am right and you are wrong” leads to NOWHERE.

If we realize that we are in the wrong, we should admit it. For who does not make mistakes? If we insist on shouting to hide our mistakes, we are being UNFAIR and UNREASONABLE. These negative qualities can be disastrous in our attempts to establish good relations.

We must adjust ourselves to these differences and not let them spoil our dealings. We carry with us a load of prejudices. These interfere in our relationships. Prejudice means to pre-judge. We must not let our prejudices make us blind to facts. These can be lead into misleading.

We are light and giddy with some people while we are serious with others. We must attune ourselves to the possibility of change. All make mistakes and all can change. There is NO MAGIC formula to improve relationships. What IS REQUIRED is A BALANCED MIXTURE OF FAIRNESS, CONSIDERATION, REASON, and FORGIVENESS.



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