With your hands write your fate and if you don’t like it, erase it and write it again. This is a powerful secret of life. We have such potential such power that we can write or rewrite our destiny! All you need to know is what you want to do with your life. Write and that will become possible, you have that power. Your fate is in your hands.

Your soul is the highest truth in you. And that soul has a power to do whatever you want. you can tell your soul, “This is my fate, this is what I want to do with my life.” But when people are not aware, conscious, then negative forces make your fate. Why allow that?

The first step is to build faith in yourself. Remember, it can always be done. Second, build your confidence with the trust you are placing in yourself. Whatever you think of as a weakness in your character, avoid it. Try to live without weakness. This means that in your mind you think it is wrong to do a certain action, but you still do it. This is called duality. This duality weakens you. Live to what you believe.

At another level by saying that your fate is in your hands, it is literal. Use your hands. There is no other work for these hands. They can design your fate, with your consciousness, with your human nature. What a powerful nature we have… and how little we use it!

When we realize that we are filled with immense potential, we will get the energy to move mountains. Then we don’t need any rest. Rest means you feel tired, and you want to relax, Why do you feel tired?

Life is always giving you more energy the more you use your forces, t he more you grow. The Mother used to say that it is dangerous to take rest. Life is so short and if we spend maximum time taking rest, what are we making of it? Why blame fate then? It is a very unconscious low attitude of life taking rest. It grows inertia. When we misuse our consciousness for pursuing self centered ideas, ambitions, or missions, we become tired fast. Whenever you are tired, it means you are busy somewhere in a very selfish business, in selfish motives, selfish activities.

Ego eats a lot of energy to maintain your ego, a lot of energy is needed. Without ego, you start feeling light — ego is like a big burden which you are carrying, when you are walking carrying heavy burden, automatically you will get tired very fast. And with no ego, you feel light, you don’t feel tired with that.

Do not confuse rest with sleep. Sleep is a force, it is a living, live force. There are two is the force of sleep, and the other is food which we eat. When sleep is good, then you wake up with more energy full of life. Use both with discrimination and respect.

Life is so beautiful when you are moving in the right direction with the spirit of adventure and joy. Then you want to live more, you want to work more, you don’t want to take rest! Then you attract Divine forces and the Divine forces direct you. That is how you can make your life, design your fate, make your destiny. you feel purposeful. It is all in your hands.




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