Good things take time and patience to happen. Where humans go wrong is with their lack of patience. That and their recent acquired taste for instant gratification.


The reality is, whatever you may wish, things take time. By giving our thinking some space, we unlock the full potential of our minds and allow them the freedom and ability to discover the connections that we are having trouble making. It is this incubation process happening subconsciously that makes such moments of insight seems like sudden breakthroughs.


Once you identify your main goals, you need to simply start making it happen. If you are developing a product, be prepared to spend a lot of time designing, creating, testing and improving it before you can go further. While our brains are hard wired to lean towards instant gratification, you can dictate to yourself that your goal can take much more time and work.


We can easily be impulsive and quick to move on something that has our attention. A new apartment, car, house or large ticket item, can be appealing and tempting. Unfortunately, not all assets appreciate — in fact, most depreciate rather quickly and weighing out how they fit into our financial plan can be integral part of our future success. A large windfall or sum of money is not often best spent in one place but intelligently, carefully and after much research.


Same way, life is not to be rushed through, to be passed by, or to be glanced at outside the window of a proverbial speeding car. Life is to be savored, enjoyed and absorbed. It is to be experienced, today and everyday.


The beauty associated with good things is that they provide success for sure. Goodness is built up like we make a building using the bricks. Bricks are like our virtuous efforts. The more the virtuous efforts, higher goes the goodness. With everything, thinking long term and making steady progress day by day, is what generates real results. This is the power of slow. With patience, discipline and hard work, eventually you’ll stumble upon a breakthrough.


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