Green tea taken in good quantity can have some wonderful affects on your body.

Green tea is proven to help in enhancing the metabolism of the body, which eventually helps in weight loss. The exact quantity of consumption of green tea on a daily basis for weight loss is not really defined. Most experts say that two cups of green tea a day should be sufficiently enough, keeping in mind that too much of caffeine is anyway bad for health. For those of you who wish to include green tea in their daily diets casually, here’s how you can actually lose weight with it.

 1)  HAVE A HOT SIP:-  While even cold green tea is technically the same, the difference between the iced tea and the hot one is that the iced version usually has more water content due to the melting ice, thereby making it diluted and reducing the effect slightly. It doesn’t make a lot of difference if you consume iced versions once in a while.

2)  ADD SOME FLAVOR:-  Add a few drops of lemon in your green tea to make the effect even better for your weight loss. It naturally cleanses your body from toxins and reduces cholesterol levels.

3)  BRAND MATTERS:-  The better the brand, the better will be the quality of tea leaves. Moreover, good brands will ensure that there are no additives or preservatives, so that you get completely fresh and natural green tea, which is naturally rich in antioxidants and offers many benefits for the human body.

4)  FRESH HAS MORE EFFECTS:-   Like most other things, the effectiveness of green tea can start to deteriorate if you don’t consume it fresh. Most packs from the market will mention an expiry date but if you get raw extracts, make sure that you consume them within six months at least, while they are still fresh. That way, the effectiveness of the antioxidants will be at its best.

5)  CHANGE YOUR DIET:-  Green tea is really healthy and aids in your weight loss process.  But it is not a magic solution to your obesity problems. For green tea to work effectively in your weight loss plans, it is vital that you alter your diet alongside and control on the amount of calories you consume. Make sure that you follow a good diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and minus too many calories, so the effect of green tea can be seen.

One must understand and realize that green tea alone is NOT going to help you reduce your weight, so the dependency on it, or the over obsession with it needs to be controlled. You must consume only the right quantities of it, such that it doesn’t lead to any harmful effects on your body.


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