Handling a medical emergency at home


Timely first aid is very helpful before medical assistance arrives.

Keep the numbers of emergency services, such as your doctor, fire department and police, next to your phone. If your area is served by 911, call that number first.
• Stay calm
Speak slowly and clearly when describing the incident.
• Be exact about your location
Give your name, phone number, address, apartment number, city or town, and directions, including landmarks or cross streets.
• Describe the type of help you need

Is it medical, police or fire assistance?
• Give details about the victim’s condition
Is the person bleeding severely? Choking? Unconscious? How long ago did the incident occur?
• Describe first aid
If someone else is present and giving first aid, what kind is it? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or other emergency care?
• Describe the victim’s location
Is he or she in the upstairs bedroom? Downstairs on the bath- room floor?
• Listen carefully
Then write down instructions. Ask the dispatcher to repeat the information.
• Don’t hang up too soon
Wait until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.
• Make sure your house number is clearly visible
If it’s dark, turn a light on outdoors to show your house number.


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