How to relieve sudden sinusitis pain, when you are out of OTCs-


– Accupressure points

slowly press the space adjacent to your nostrils or between your eyebrows with your index fingers for 30–50 seconds, repeat it for some time, it’ll gradually loosen up the cough trapped in your sinus points.

– Clove

clove or it’s oil both are really effective when it comes to sinus, as it’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature and alleviate the pain in sinutic cavity.


Eating raw ginger or drinking hot water boiled with it,can alleviate mucus from clogged nasal passages, it works as a natural antihistamine thus relieving sinus pressure and headache.

– Turmeric

along with antiseptic and healing properties turmeric is also rich in antioxidants and curcumin an anti-inflammatory substance which help in reducing the swelling of nasal passages and will make you feel at ease.

-Long pepper/ Peepli

this herb is been used widely in curing dry cough, and it’s also really beneficial in sinus, due to the expectorant nature, it helps in loosening mucus and subsides the pain induced because of clogged nasal passage.

( all the remedies mentioned above are recommended on the basis of personal usage experience)


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