Importance of destressing


Stress is the cause of many ailments in the present generation.

Taking tension or being anxious on daily basis is the root cause of later diseases in lifetime. You believe it or not!!! but stress is taking a toll on generational health aspect.

With the changing lifestyle, increasing busyness, less time for loved ones, stress is whirlpooling people in its arms.

Stress and Mental Disorders

Stress can lead to over or under sleeping. Overthinking can cause stress and, in connection, affect the quality of sleep one takes. Their sleep gets adversely affected. People loose memory too on account of taking stress for a longer duration of time.

Stress and Eating Disorders

When people are under stress, they can either loose appetite or tend to overeat. In both the cases, the process of metabolism and thereby digestion can be adversely affected. Less eating can further lead to malnutrition because of absence of essential nutrients. On the other hand, overeating can lead to obesity, which can further invite hypertension.

Improper digestion of food can affect our gastro-intestinal tract. In turn, it can cause stomach ailments.

Stress and breathing problems

Long-term stress can cause running nose, sneezing, and asthma too. The simplest way to explain this is that

Stress and physical appearance

Many people won’t believe but stress can cause hunch back. Greying of hair is also a result of taking stress.  Long time back, our elders used to have black hair till they reached 50. But alas! today we can see a lot of youngsters with grey hairs.

Wrinkles, eye bags, too may be a result of stress in our lives.


We do not want to take tension deliberately but it enters automatically. There can be ways of dealing with stress. 

  • Being in regular contact with friends and family.
  • Improving our diet type and timings.
  • Discipling life in terms of sleep timings.


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