Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscles


Though God has bestowed upon women with the gift of motherhood, it comes with its own price. Proper antenatal and postnatal care is important for women to avoid many health effects.

Muscles of the pelvic floor

Similar to the floor of a room, the pelvic area of our body has some muscles at its bottom. They are named as pelvic floor muscles. As the name suggests, these muscles support organs against the gravity. In women, these organs are reproductive structures like uterus, vagina, urinary bladder.

After pregnancy, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles lose its tightness. As a result, the uterus (place where a baby develops in womb) misses its actual location. It falls off downward towards vagina. This can block the urinary tract causing difficulty in urination, and/or the anal sphincters making excretion uncomfortable. This condition is medically termed as Prolapse Uterus.

Conditions leading to Prolapse Uterus

  • Poor nutrition: lack of proper diet (involvement of ghee) to women after childbirth cannot support the pelvic muscles to gain back strength after giving birth to child.
  • Weight gain: Increased amount of abdominal fat can further put pressure on uterus to bend down and cause it to prolapse.
  • Heavy physical activity: anything making higher use of pelvic muscles. For instance, lifting heavy objects can again pressurize abdominal area.
  • Excessive coughing and sneezing: Asthmatic people tend to cough and sneeze more. In both the conditions, pressure is built on pelvic floor muscles. Younger people can control the intensity of coughing and sneezing but older ones cannot. This may result in more loosening of the muscles.
  • Frequent pregnancies and more number of children: These conditions will not give rest to a woman’s body to recover after pregnancy after effects. In other words, they do not allow time for pelvic muscles to gain back their strength.
  • Constipation: Women who experience more of constipation can lead to uterine prolapse or vice-versa too.
  • Ageing: With loss of immunity, loss of grip becomes easier in elder age. It can result in loosening of muscle structures.

Protection against Prolapse Uterus

Pelvic floor exercises prescribed by doctors are helpful in treating. In severe cases, surgery is also an option.


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