Parents are a form of God on this planet which we live in. To respect your parents is your duty. Your parents are the only ones who will love you always. From your childhood to this very day, your parents will give all that you demand for. Every parent in the world always will support his child, no matter what.

Sometimes, we think our parents cannot understand us and they get in the way of our happiness. This is why many of us have experienced rebelling against our parents at some point especially when we were still adults. However, we should not forget that our parents love us and all they want is the best for us. At times when they seem to be very strict, they just want to protect us from possible harm.


That is why, they need our understanding and respect. Here are some wonderful ways that can help you show your respect to parents as an adult: Be grateful to your parents: Gratitude is simply being thankful and appreciative for what you have.

Aside from bringing you into the world, parents sacrifice time, energy and effort in order to make sure your needs and wants are met. Showing them that you appreciate their efforts demonstrates a level of respect towards them. Respect their decisions: There could be some decisions your parents make that you do not agree with. You can try telling them your thoughts about those but if they do not accept your ideas, just accept and respect them.

Listen to them patiently: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Our parents need us to slow down and listen to their words of advice. There’s so much we can learn from the past generations to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes they’ve made. Do not talk back: It is okay to reason out to your parents if you need them to understand your side.

However, do this in a gentle and respectful manner—not arguing with them and imposing your views. If they tell you to shut up, then do not say anything. Ask for their advice: While you’re talking with them, go ahead and ask for their advice. Not only will they feel pretty special that you are asking them but ultimately they will probably give you good advice. It always important to ask them life advices since they have gone through lot of experiences in their life.




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