Infused water — Ultimate secret for WEIGHT LOSS


Infused water is another delicious way of creating the urge to drink water repeatedly. It is the process of extracting flavors from the fruits/vegetables or eatables in general into a solvent like water. This allows the water to absorb all the flavor and nutrition from the other ingredients, making water a healthier and taster choice. Here is why it is beneficial to consume infused waters.

1) Lemon and Basil Infusion:-

The Vitamin C in lemon along with minerals and the antioxidants helps the body with digestion, detoxifying and also helping the bones with nourishment too.

2) Apple and cinnamon stick infusion:-

The fiber and pectin in apple infused water helps promote digestive needs. The thermogenic properties of cinnamon helps boost the metabolism up and burns the calories in the bargain.

3) Grapefuit detox water:-

Grapefruit water detox helps balance the pH levels of the body and the skin. It helps bring down your weight as well if consumed warm on an empty stomach each morning. The flavonoids in grapefruit work on reducing acidity to a large extent.

4) Ginger and mango infused water:-

Mango and ginger can both help in boosting our metabolism in the body. Ginger can be be the best painkiller our bodies need too. Mango ginger water can help deal with morning sickness and low metabolism, digestion and memory issues.

5) Watermelon and basil infused water:-

There are a lot of vitamins in watermelon along with amino acids, lycopene and anti oxdiants in it brings down body fat and brings down blood pressure. The basil content helps with beating inflammation and bacteria found in the body.

6) Strawberry and mint infused water:-

With strawberries in strawberry mint water, you have minerals and antioxidants, vitamins and more in it, which are anti-ageing gladiators t hat our bodies need. The skin, hair and even nails are benefited with this. Also mint and cucumber detox are useful.




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