In a stressed-out urban world, a hobby is not just something that relives boredom, it’s an alternative therapy that could save your life.

Have you mastered the fine art of unwilling? Take this single question quiz to find out.

What’s your hobby?

If you pronto visualize yourself — painting, sailing, knitting… Congratulations! You’ve scored a distinction.

“Next to finding out one’s own particular job and doing it throughly well, the power to use and enjoy one’s leisure time is one of the greatest sources of a happy life. In today’s full of pressure city life, it is imperative to have a hobby.”

“A number of stress-induced ailments like anxiety, depression, addiction, personally disorders, early stages of schizophrenia, psychosomatic ailments, scholastic backwardness are siginificantly remedied with the help of hobbies.” Basically, a healthy hobby often prevents the onslaught of such ailments.”

Hobbies have a remedial power on children. “A hobby necessarily means an activity that gives pleasure. To get maximum hobby-related benefits, parents should never force their choice upon their children.” While one might find cooking very relaxing, another might require mental stimulation offered by a game of chess or bridge. Then of course, for few work itself is a relaxation.

When one begins to make a living out of hobby, intialy there is a lot of pleasure. But eventually, the pressures of the profession will set in. Then what do you do to keep your cool when pace gets frenetic? Or when it becomes routine and drag?”

“Often one gets tense with the pressure and pace of work and day to day living. It is vital to pursue an activity that helps you unwind, makes you forget your commitment and tensions for a while, stimulates and rejuvenates you. It is essential to opt for something that this is not a crucial part of profession.

Message for youngsters:- “When you take up an exciting physical sport, you do not think of drugs, smoking etc. Busy fingers help you to keep away from addictions. When you have had your fair share of physical sports, relax with a mentally absorbing hobby like bridge. It does wonders to your mental faculties.”

A person’s development is never complete without a hobby. They add a new and meaningful dimension to our lives, extend opportunities to express talents and discover hidden ones.” You have only one life. Besides your job, do whatever else you can. It gives more meaning to your existence. The best recipe rejuvenation and relaxation includes yoga, aerobics, music and reading.

“All work and no play — makes Jack not only a dull boy but perhaps diseased as well.”


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