When it comes to simplifying your life, it comes down to creating small changes to make a big difference.

Human beings are always on the go, stressing themselves doing things and wanting more that what they already have. Leading a happy and simple life seems to be a distant possibility for all. Here are few things to follow to lead a contented life.

Want less:- We often attach happiness to acquiring brand new gadgets or some trophy to a point where until they are at our disposal, we feel restless. When we get it, our feeling dissipates immediately, just like how sand sifts from our hands. Free yourself from attachment to material things. The persistent pursuit of the next best ‘thing’ steals your freedom to think clearly and rationally, robs you of precious time and creates unnecessary additional stress in your life. It’s quite simple; before you want something; ask yourself: do I really need this? Will it make my life less stressful or a difficult task easier? Buy only what you truly need. Retail therapy is a distraction, not a cure. The basic consumption cycle never brings peace and true happiness. We get anxiety, stress, frustration and anger.

Have goals:- It’s good to have ambitions and goals in life and work for them but some people get obsessed with them. There is no harm in reducing the number of goals that you plan to achieve in your life, just make sure that they are not less than one or two. Through the reduction of targets which you are trying to reach, you can improve your focus and ultimately it will improve your success rate.

Let go:- Learn to let go of expectations to lead a simpler life. You can’t do everything a nd those things you spend your time wishing you had done, you probably wouldn’t have done them anyway. When things feel like they’re getting too much in life, stop, sit down and take time out. Stop the doing and just be for a while. Take a nap, have a walk, do nothing. Your best doing will arise out of your ability to just be. We need to shed our requirements to get more and accept the current moment as it leads to true happy and healthy life.

Here are nine ways to live a simple life and be happy:

1. Remove the clutter in your life.

2. Live your life based on your standards, not the expectations of other people.

3. Appreciate the simple things.

4. Take time to be silent.

5. Live simply by avoiding comparisons.

6. Limit the time you spend browsing the internet and social media.

7. Say no to unnecessary spending.

8. Have some rest.

9. Catch up with the people who matter and just talk. 


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