Ovarian Cancer in Women after Menopause


A cancer developing in any of the two or both ovaries in a woman is often difficult to identify. This is because the symptoms of the cancer appear quite late. That is why, the cancer is often termed as a silent killer.

What are Ovaries?

Every girl is born with a fixed number of eggs. These eggs are stored in ovaries, which are located below our tummy. They are two in number and shaped like an almond. Ovaries release a single egg every month before periods. It also produces hormones- estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are essential for reproduction.

Ovarian Cancer

If the cells of an ovary start to divide repeatedly and non-stop, they have turned cancerous. In such a case, they will spread to other organs. As a result, they may disturb the presence and functioning of other organs.

Ovarian Cancer after Menopause

Although ovarian cancer can occur anytime in a woman’s life, its chances are no less in later age. After menopause too, ovarian cancer chances are higher. Infact, the average age of ovarian cancer occurrence is after 35 years. This is when a woman is nearing to her menopause.

The reason is that ovarian tissue starts to degrade during menopause. Hormones (estrogen and progesterone) too starts declining in  number. Therefore, the body becomes comparatively weaker at menopause. As a result of sudden decrease in hormones






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