Pesticides can cause Cancer


Pesticides have the potential to cause some changes in body leading to cancer development. Contact with pesticides in parents can induce cancer in their children as well.

Health effects of Pesticides

From farmers to people living near to farm fields, places of pesticide manufacture, we are not away from pesticides. This has continued for years. Unfortunately, they have reached our bodies because we have been lenient till now.

Respiratory, skin, vision problems, brain and heart disorders, pregnancy complications, birth defects in newborns, growth problems in kids, genetic defects, and the dreadful cancer are some of the bad effects of pesticides.

Pesticides and Cancer

Years of exposure to pesticides can result in bodily changes which sometimes cause cancer cells to spread.

The tendency of cancer development will depend on

  • duration of pesticides exposure
  • quantity of pesticides exposed

Types of Cancer

Presence of pesticides in body are linked to brain tumors, skin cancer, blood cancer, pancreatic cancer, urinary bladder cancer, cancer in immune cells (multiple myeloma), breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, kidney cancer in children.

Cancer in Children

A main route of pesticide exposure for children is their mother during pregnancy. And, early childhood exposure could be if the parents are farmers or living near farm fields. It is most likely that children will inhale any pesticide spray. They can come in contact with the chemicals through pesticide containers kept at homes.

Many forms of adult cancers can occur in children too. Leukemia, cancer of the lymphatic system (body’s germ fighting system) are the most common ones.

How to protect ?

Taking an antioxidant-rich diet can help boost our immunity and flush out toxins. Farmers should wash hands frequently. Not only this, they should use protective coverings over eyes, nose, face, hands while spraying pesticides.

Being cautious is the only key to protect ourselves !!!




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