An avid reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. Your world and mind expands a million folds with every book you finish a nd your personality evolves to just another.


Many of us cover a good reading habit, some of us even have a decent start but then eventually give out to lethargy, here are a few pecks that come along with reading that might convince you to take up reading for good.

It makes you super smart:- Reading makes you intelligent like it makes you heavy-duty, you can trump any argument thrown at you and dazzle everyone with the resplendence of your premium octane knowledge.  

Makes you better at conversations:- The quality of your conversations goes from a dime to dollar and you’d realize you’ve so much to talk about with all the reading you do, you’ll never run out of interesting things to talk about.  

Makes you more creative:- Consider your creative output as a finished product and then reading serves as the finest saw material, you can provide your mind.  

Makes you more empathetic:- Delving deep into a work of fiction and connecting in the characters actually helps you understand and feel for the problems of people in the real world better.  

The ultimate stress-buster:- No matter how much stress you have in your personal or professional life, you can always take refuge in the shelter of a good book, a good book can carry you away to realms of Zen.  

Improves your vocabulary:- It is quite axiomatic that reading would expand your vocalbulary just a pose making you more atriculate and well-spoken.  

Makes you desirable for everyone:- Who doesn’t love the company of a well-read person and reading just adds to your package as you’ll be backed by the knowledge you gained from the greatest minds of the world. Ever heard of quintessential? No? You should read more.  

Ease of access for knowledge:- You can carry your books anywhere, mobility is their USP, if you are bothered by the weight of carrying a book, you can get yourself an e-book reader and carry thousands of books at a time and these readers can go on for about a month on a single charge, so that pretty much solves everything.  

Deal with your problems better:- Reading pushes you towards a more pragmatic approach in your life, you’ll be able to see every aspect of your life in a different, broader light which would eventually help you to deal with your problems more intelligently.  

You’ll be better at relationships:- Reading would help you understand and bring your closer to human emotions and you’ll be able to comprehend the behavior better and helps you take a more rational approach towards your relationship. Books are men’s best friend, inculcating a habit of reading can change your life.  



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