When you find a friend who is so so so so so so so so honest and loyal to you till the end, and it is difficult to find rare good friends in today’s world who can be so so so honest with you.

When that friend really goes out of his/her way to care for you, then what does it really mean? It really means that they really want to be YOUR friend and take the efforts to work on the friendship. No matter how really BUSY you are, you MUST at least send text message to the person to find out how he or she is doing? This is really GOOD MANNERS…

Friendship has to be give and take from equal sides. You cannot be so selfish and take everything for granted. What you sow in the friendship in the first place will eventually come back to you what you have reaped from sowing in the first place of the friendship.

It has to be worked EVERYDAY and only then friendship will last till our death and help each other when we are down in trouble. That’s what friends are for…

You have to win people with your LOVE, RADIANTING SMILE no matter how others are rude and so mean to you. Always be ready to FORGIVE others with your whole heart. Do not keep grudges deep down in your heart. If these friends are not loyal, then pray for them, bless them and let them GO.

This is the power of friendship and learn to come down to other’s level and feel their pain and this way you will feel loved by others and others want to be YOUR friend.

And best not to trust everyone because they can become your friend but understand from where they are coming and observe how they behave, the way they talk, the way they interact with others is you will see for yourself and then make the final decision whether you want to be friends.


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