Preventing yardwork mishaps


Accidents happen, even among the most cautious individuals. If spring yard work accidents are the malady we all wish to avoid, then safety and forethought are the antidotes.

With a little prudence and a lot of care, you can ensure avoiding yard work injuries throughout the spring and beyond with these tips and tools.

Follow these easy steps:-

• Save your back
Choose tools with handles long enough to allow you to work
without bending over. Don’t lift oversized packages of fertilizer or sod. Use a wheelbarrow or just buy smaller packages.
• Wear sunscreen
Avoid sunburn by using sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15.
• Skip the scents
Perfume, scented hair spray or lotion attracts stinging insects.
• Wear light-colored, well-fitting clothes
Bright colors attract insects, too. And loose clothes allow insects access to your skin.

• Choose sensible shoes
Wear closed-toe, sturdy, nonskid shoes to prevent injuries from lawn mowers.
• Turn off the lawn mower motor
Then unclog, adjust or fix the equipment. Before refueling, allow the motor to cool for several minutes. Don’t smoke.
• Handle chemicals carefully
Before spraying bug or weed killers, wait for calm weather. Wind can blow chemicals back toward you and irritate your skin. Wear protective goggles, gloves, full-length pants and a long-sleeved shirt.


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