Reproductive Cancers in Women


No doubt, the current boom in healthcare sector has resulted in increased detection of cancers in their curable stages. This hasn’t stopped the increasing trend of cancers in India.

The lesser understood Cancers

By now, every child knows that tobacco can cause lung cancer in future. But how many people know the cancers developing in reproductive organs. The taboo around talking freely about sexual organs has prevented our growth of understanding on human body in a more defined way. And when it comes to women, the taboo is even higher. Women are shyer to discuss sexual problems.

Cancers of breast, ovary, cervix, corpus uteri, vagina, vulva, fallopian tube, endometrium are the reproductive forms of cancer in women. Except breast, other reproductive organs mentioned are located in the abdominal area (near stomach). Examination of these areas is difficult. Ofcourse, there are instruments for that but a woman will mostly feel shy to allow examining her private parts.

Causes of Reproductive Cancers

Hygiene is an important factor to prevent sexual diseases including cancer. Having multiple sexual partners (polygamy), early pregnancy (before the age of 20), less gap between pregnancies, taking oral contraceptives for longer duration, late menopause, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. are risk factors for development of reproductive cancers in women.

Rural-Urban divide

The urban women are still aware on self-examination of breast cancer. In rural areas, the situation is not so good. In a developing nation, the cancer screening programs could not reach the rural masses due to lack of proper infrastructure. This makes it difficult for the rural women to understand any reproductive fault in their body.


How to control?

Since a woman’s reproductive life is driven by hormones, taking care of your thyroid and hormone levels is of utmost importance for them. Any small symptom like abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, should come under medical supervision as soon as possible.


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