Ditch the booze:- Why? Alcohol is nothing but empty calories that go straight to your tummy and cutting it out is one of the fastest ways you can lose a spare tyre. Plus, let’s face it, most of our bodies could probably do with a break after a booze filled summer.


Don’t eat any carbs after 6 pm:- Why???? — Not only do they leave some people feeling bloated, carbs are also full of calories so just by avoiding them after 6 pm, you can lower the total number of calories you eat in a day quite considerable . Simply replace potatoes, pasta or rice with lots of steamed vegetables, salad or fruit.


Ban ready meals and takeaways:- Why? They’re packed with fat, salt and other additives, which can trigger water retention, and bloating.


Swap ordinary tea for green tea:- Why? Research shows green tea is great fat burner that help lose weight loss. It’s also packed with anti-aging antioxidants to help you keep hold of that youthful holiday glow. Go for a 30 minute brisk walk, jog or bike ride, four times per week:- Why? You need to rev up your sluggish post holiday metabolism and regular, moderate, exercise by for the single best way to do this. HABITS TO HOLD ON TO:- Here are some diet-friendly tricks, your waistline will thank you for. Have a decent breakfast:- Studies show that people who eat a hearty breakfast tend to be slimmer and lose more weight when they diet. It’s worth getting up 10 minutes earlier just to make sure you eat before leaving the house. Swimming regularly:- While on holiday you might be making the most of the local beach or pool. Don’t stop, once you’re back. it’s fine to be realistic — you’re unlikely to find the time to swim everyday by aiming for once a week is achievable. Sneaking in siesta:- An afternoon nap not leaves you feeling refreshed — recent research suggests a power nap can also stop you making unhealthy choices when it comes to food. It might not be possible during the working week but try and squeeze in 20 minutes on Saturday and Sunday. Walking everywhere:- From sightseeing to shopping, you probably found that on holiday you did more walking, so try and keep this up at home — even it’s just a 10 minute trot around the block in your lunch time. Mediterranean inspired meals:- Scientific research has shown that people who eat a Mediterranean diet are typically slimmer and live longer than those who do not. To eat continental style, stock upon plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, and fish. Plus, when you can cook with heart-healthy olive oil. Your food planner:- Pick a meal from the choices below and two snacks per day. Try to get a good combination of cereals and lean protein (fish or chicken). Make sure that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday.



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