Shoes For healthier and more comfortable feet


For healthier and more comfortable feet, try these tips:
• Don’t buy shoes with pointed toes or high heels

Pointed shoes cramp your toes and can lead to foot problems such as ingrown nails, calluses, corns or bunions. High heels can cause back problems by forcing you to lean back to compensate for the forward tilt of your heel.

• Select laced shoes
Laced shoes generally offer more room and adjustable sup-
port. Get ample room for your toes. Athletic shoes are ideal. Other good selections are strapped sandals and soft, roomy pumps with cushioned insoles for women.
• Wear shoes made of soft leather
Good choices include calfskin or suede. Vinyl and rubber encourage perspiration, which can irritate your skin.

• Shop for shoes in the early afternoon
Feet swell as the day goes on. If you buy shoes in the morn- ing, they may feel too tight later on. Getting fitted at the end of the day may give you a fit that’s too roomy in the morning.
• Have your feet measured
Shoe size can change as you age or put on weight. Your arches tend to relax with age, and you may need larger, wider shoes.
• Stretch your shoes
To perfect your fit and relieve pressure points, consider having a shoe shop stretch your shoes at any spot that rubs.


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