Staying clear of lightning


In the United States, hundreds of people are injured or killed
by lightning each year. To protect yourself:
• Stay inside your home or an enclosed building

Keep away from doors, windows and anything that conducts electricity.

• Use the 30-30 rule if you’re caught outside
If your view of the storm isn’t obstructed and you see light- ning, count how long it takes until you hear thunder. If it’s 30 seconds or less, seek a safer location right away. If you can’t see the lightning but you hear thunder, go to a safer location.
• Avoid trees or tall isolated structures
They’re lightning targets. Avoid small, open picnic pavilions and rain shelters. If you’re in an open area, drop anything you’re carrying, get away from other people, and crouch down as low as possible.
• Seek safety in a car
Close the windows. Cars with plastic or fiberglass roofs and sides won’t protect you. Get off bicycles and motorcycles.
• Don’t touch metal objects
Drop metal items, such as golf clubs, tools or tennis rackets, which conduct lightning.
• Don’t mix water with lightning
Get out of and away from water — it conducts electricity.

Don’t wash your hands, and don’t do the dishes or the laundry. Get out of the shower or tub.
• Turn it off and hang it up
Don’t use electrical appliances or talk on the phone. Light- ning can follow electrical wires and phone lines into your home.


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