Strengthening Reproductive Health in Women


Reproductive health for women is important

Women in India spend a long reproductive phase (16-45 years).Therefore, it is important to maintain it well.

The two most essential elements to keep a check on are: exercise and diet.


Exercise not always means joining a gym. It can simply mean to keep your body moving. Following some postures can help women gain muscular strength, especially . This strength is very much required for keeping their reproductive organs in the best form.

One can try some form of exercises at home:

Women should exercise mindfully without taking any stress. Otherwise, its effects are nowhere to be seen.

Diet to follow

One can take a good proportion of foods strengthening uterus and pelvic floor muscles. Foods such as berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), ragi (malt, dosa), food lower in acidic content, foods rich in vitamin D are good for health.

Foods to avoid

Caffeinated beverages, soda, alcohol, cigarette are not good for a woman’s reproductive health. Tea and coffee consumption can dehydrate our body and put pressure on urinary bladder. This can further put weight upon pelvic floor muscles. As a result, the muscles lose their tightness. Their hold against the gravity becomes weak.

Points to ponder

  • Women should not ignore their reproductive health. Any symptoms of abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding should be dealt with care.
  • Consulting a gynecologist is always a good idea.
  • Awareness is a key element on foods to eat, exercises to practice.
  • Carelessness in treatment can lead to health effects in later age. Prolapse uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease have become common problems in women.
  • Pregnancy and hygiene are critical. Therefore, women follow experts advice for them. Even good postnatal care can provide rest to muscles and reproductive organs.
  • Proper rest for women is important to gain strength.


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