Your body reflects your emotional reaction to life. The sooner you are aware of these tensions in your body and ACT, the better.

A troubled shared is a trouble halved:- No matter what your problem is, you can lighten the load by telling a friend or partner about your trouble. It greatly helps to discuss which is the right course of action with someone else.

Getting rid of the stain:- TRY TO BE CONSCIOUS of how you feel mentally. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION if you feel uptight and trapped by telling somebody about it.

Know your own pace:- Being pushed to a pace beyond your ability will push you over the limit into the negative side of stress. MAKE SURE you are working at a rate you can handle — at least for most of the time.

The pause that refreshes:- TRY TO FIND TIME during each day for some day-dreaming and pleasant thoughts. There are so many good things in life worth thinking about.

Thinking makes it so:- THINK ON THE POSITIVE SIDE — what you CAN do as opposed to what you can’t.

All work and no play:- No matter how important your job is, make sure you are not taking your work and yourself too seriously, MAKE TIME TO PLAY AND REST. Then you will be clear-headed at your work.

Turn off the TV:- Sitting blankly in front of television night after night DOES NOT improve communications in a family, nor does it help someone suffering from stress.

One thing at a time:- In order to stop your mind from jumping from one thing to another, and throwing up different thoughts and worries. DO ONE JOB AT A TIME IN ORDER OF PRIORITY, and make yourself do that job thoroughly.

Getting it off your chest:- Bearing a grudge is a waste of your emotional energy. Better to have it out with the person concerned.

Housebound:- If you are unable to get out of the house, explain to your partner that you need the odd evening free to go off and do the things that interest you. He or she will appreciate that you will feel much brighter during the week, if you develop your own interests outside your family.


  • Headache:- Remove any form of headache by massaging the sides of the forehead outwards and downwards taking the pressure away from the head.
  • The face:- Furrowed brows equal an anxious mind. Imagine someone is soothing your brow and gently stroke away the frown lines. Small circular movements with the pads of the fingers around the temples are very effective.
  • Feet:- Massage the whole of your foot, kneading the soles, rubbing the ankles to improve circulation and stroking the foot for relaxation.
  • Beating the chill:- During the cold weather circulation in hands and feet can be extremely poor, so massage your wrists and ankles to relieve this.


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