The Asymptomatic Cancer in Women


Cancer- may it be any form is always a scary word to hear, especially if the diagnosed is a near and dear one. In case of women, the reproductive cancers are increasingly reported in India every year.

We generally know of #Breast Cancer because the awareness and detection procedures have progressed over the years. Similar is the case of #Cervical Cancer. Unfortunately, #Ovarian Cancer is a much less talked about form of reproductive cancer. No major symptoms makes it difficult to detect the cancer in a curable stage.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovary is a very important reproductive organ in women. It is responsible for producing and releasing eggs.  Every month, the menstrual cycle causes breakage and repair of ovarian surface membrane. This is why, it is quite likely a location for development of cancer. One of the ways to put a halt to this process of continuous breaking and reformation of ovarian membrane and further release of egg (ovulation precisely) may be through pregnancy. This can stop the rupture-repair mechanism for a few months.

A very few symptoms experienced and that too in late stage of ovarian cancer are pain in abdominal area, back, loss of hunger, abdominal swelling, bleeding after menopause, etc.

Cause of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is moreover hormonal in nature as ovary produces the major reproductive hormones- estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, anything that can disturb these hormonal levels can also affect ovarian cancer genesis. Evidence of many endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) like pesticides, plasticizers, cosmetics, pharmaceutical agents, etc. support induction of ovarian cancer in women.

At the time of menopause (full stop to menstrual cycle) and thereafter, women are vulnerable to ovarian cancer too as the reproductive hormone levels decline gradually during menopause. Many a times, the postmenopausal women are prescribed external hormonal therapy to balance the decreasing hormone levels in the body. Taking prolonged therapy might expose the body for ovarian cancer again.

Self-awareness is the only key pertaining to health. So, listen to your body. Sometimes, it tells you there is something wrong with it.


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